Physiotherapist Pieter Faasse from The Netherlands


ART’s specificity and effectiveness makes it one of the best ways to treat MSD’s.
I use ART every day, with great results. Nicolai and his team do a great job bringing everyone’s skills to a whole new level.
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Lower Extremity course in Moss


The ART Lower Extremity level 1 course in Moss – Norway was a great success. Participants from The Netherlands, USA, Canada and Norway worked together for 4 intensive days at HQ Europe seminar room. Participant backgrounds: Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths.

During the Lower Extremity course participants work hands on with clinical approaches for a variety of diagnoses and cumulative soft tissue problems. Accurate handling with our tools of preference (our fingers and hands) are demonstrated and reviewed throughout the entire course.

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Upper Extremity and LTN Tampere


The Upper Extremity course and the Long tract nerve entrapment course were held at Vasala Sport Institute in Tampere – Finland. This was the 8. time Team Europe held a course in Finland. The group of ART providers is growing in Finland. And what a group of clinicians! Participants on this course were Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Sport Massage therapists.

The Upper Extremity module is by far the most complicated and probably also the most difficult. Participants work together with the Instructors for 4 intensive days. Proper hands on techniques are demonstrated from the fingers to the shoulder during the course.

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FC Midtjylland ART Upper Extremity 2016


Congratulations to all participants passing their exams at our ART Upper seminar with FC Midtjylland in Herning, Denmark, this weekend! Great course with great and dedicated therapists from Denmark. Thank you all for your wonderful feedback, and we are looking forward to see you again! 
Good luck with using your new skills in your practice!

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ART Upper Extremity Dublin 2016


This sums up the course held in Dublin: “I absolutely loved the lower body ART workshop with Shane and Paul! I knew ART was great already and I’ve known for a while that it was something that i wanted to do. But the quality of the instructors and the well structured learning envoronment was a pleasant surprise! I’m already feeling excited about the upper body workshop next year! ART is a must for all bodyworkers or athletic trainers and coaches who want a quick and effective treatment modality that gives quick results! I honestly don’t think there is anything better out there!” Petter Sellberg

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Fotballfysio forteller om våre ART kurs:


“Jeg deltok på mitt første kurs i Active Release Techniques (ART) med Nicolai van der Lagen i Moss i februar.
Det profesjonelle nivået på selve kurset med hensyn til faglig innhold og dyktige instruktører var imponerende.

ART er en meget systematisk måte å behandle bløtvev på, men ikke minst også et enestående verktøy i selve undersøkelsen og diagnostiseringen av mine spillere. En ekstra bonus er at kurset også inneholder spesifikk behandling av nerveentrapments.

Som fysioterapeut innenfor toppfotball, ser jeg nå på ART som et “must” og en missing link innenfor undersøkelse og behandling for alle terapeuter som driver med toppidrett spesielt, da utøvere krever raske resultater.

Den umiddelbare responsen fra spillerne taler for seg selv.
Jeg gleder meg allerede til neste kurs!

Fredrik Birkemo, fysioterapeut Stabæk Fotball



Les mer om våre kurs!

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From a Chiropractor in France/Germany


“ART est la technique de tissu mou la plus complète et efficace que j’ai eu l’occasion d’apprendre. Je l’utilise quotidiennement, au cabinet comme en compétition. Le niveau technique et la précision acquise lors des séminaires m’ont fait travailler avec de nombreux champions du monde et permis d’intégrer des équipes de très haut niveau. Je recommande les séminaires à tout thérapeute qui a envie de se perfectionner, et ce, pas seulement dans le monde du sport.”

Joan MONTSERRAT, Chiropracteur, Spécialiste Sport & Artistique.

Premier cours d’Active Release Technique à l’IFEC – Paris

Apprenez à traiter efficacement les problèmes de tissus mous avec Active Release Technique, décembre prochain à Paris. Ceci est le premier volet d’une série de trois séminaires organisés en collaboration avec l’IFEC. L’événement se tiendra dans un lieu adapté à la pratique “Hands-on” et à l’apprentissage des mouvements. Le cours sera tenu par Nicolaï van der Lagen et son équipe d’instructeurs. Pour assurer vos places et une préparation adéquate, pensez à vous enregistrer en avance.

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ART Spine Leicester Tigers 2016

group picture leicesterParticipants from UK, Australia, Dubai, Norway, Germany, US and Scotland.

A fabulous course at a great venue with excellent service and back up of stadium staff.

The group of participants did a great job during the whole course. Many dedicated and skilled practitioners trained together to become more confident in treating and managing soft tissue conditions. Courses are intensive and do require a lot from the participants. Most did pass the exam, some will do a re-examination in a short while.

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groupinstrmeeting2016From left back: Frode Saint-Sollieux, Andreas Henriksen, Anders Christensen, Pernille Ottesen, Sander Daams, Katrin van der Lagen (Vendela), Paul Espe, Nicolai van der Lagen, Birger Hermansen, Ole R. Johansen and Heather Pearson.

New input for our Instructors and Assistants in ART Team Europe. New protocols, alternated approaches and great reviewing for a couple of days.

HQ organize one Instructor meeting a year where important modifications and add on’s are demonstrated and reviewed together. We all want to to our best in what we do. This group of people invest a lot of time and puts a great deal of effort in their practice with their patients, and when teaching at our courses around in Europe. They all deserve credit for their effort in always trying to learn more so they can help their patients and athletes a bit better each time.

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Full body re-certification Moss


Just finished a great course in Moss with colleagues visiting from England, Denmark, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands and Norway!

Everyone passed their exams and did a great job! Thank you all for coming! We will run 1 Full Body Re-Cert in Europe (Moss) in June 2017.

fullbodynic(Demo: palpation of knee joint and treatment of the anterior part of the medial meniscus.)




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