Just some examples


Chris Senior
Sports Massage Therapist at Arsenal F.C

Had a great time attending a Nicolai van der Lagen ART Lower Extremity course, very challenging but very rewarding few days. Would highly recommend to any Sports Massage Therapists/Soft Tissue Therapists wanting to continue to learn, improve both hand skills and knowledge base.


Shane Lowry
Professional Golfer

Shane is an integral part of my performance team and he has definitely added to my game over the past 3 years. His skills as a Sports Chiropractor & Active Release Techniques (ART®) Provider ensure that I am prepared physically for each round I play. I believe working with Shane is helping me to prevent injuries and will hopefully lengthen my career.



Nicklas Falkesgaard
Phsysiotherapist 1st Team FC Midtjylland Football

In FC Midtjylland we take pride in being on the cutting edge when it comes to our work with the players in the team, we are very excited about our new found cooperation with ART Europe. Like the coaching staff around the team, the medical staff are always trying to improve their skills, and are always open to different approaches to the treatment and prevention of injury. With this new cooperation with ART®, we feel that we are now able to take our treatment of musculoskeletal disorders to a new level.

FC Midtjylland is very pleased to have been chosen as the setting of ART® education in Denmark, and are looking forward to a long term cooperation with ART® Europe.



Matt Connery
Senior Physiotherapist Everton FC

ART® is a superb soft tissue, diagnostic and treatment modality which has shown time and time again to be effective in both the elite sport setting and general MSK therapy. The courses are highly recommended, practical based allowing you to incorporate the skills Monday morning!


Julie Hayton
Former Head of medicine Leicester Tigers, UK

Leicester Tigers prides itself on supporting and facilitating a multidisciplinary medical team.

The Association with ART Europe will further facilitate and develop the staffs hands on abilities with accurate soft tissue techniques delivered consistently by ART. Such a comprehensive discipline will aid our practice in the treatment of injuries and soft tissue reconditioning.

Leicester Tigers Medical Team are proud and privileged to support the UK based education and are pleased to be associated with ART in a professional collaboration.



Danny Murphy
1st Team Rehabilitation Physiotherapist in Premier League

I have found ART easy to integrate with other treatment modalities. It’s a progression from traditional soft tissue manipulation and from an assessment perspective, allows improved specificity and an improved ‘feel’ of tissue health, tone and extensibility. As an example, the use of specific hip external rotator release has proved very successful in terms of it’s effect on hip joint mechanics and lower limb neural dynamics. I would recommend ART particularly as it can be used as an assessment & treatment tool, it complements other treatment options and allows therapists to target specific dysfunctional tissue.



Michael Otte
Physiotherapist & Manual therapist, Germany – Münich

I can recommend ART to everybody who is looking for the missing piece in soft tissue treatment!

I always wanted to achieve fast and satisfying treatment results like every other therapist does as I would imagine. Becoming a manual therapist helped but still left me with a lot of questions. As I am not only working in a private practice but also treating the U18 national ice hockey team I was searching for something to help me get quicker results because especially my athletes are counting on my ability to produce a fast relief of their problems. Especially with my athletes I’m having very good results but also my “normal” patients are responding very quick.



Luca Palatini
Medico e Chiropratico

Da quasi due anni utilizzo ART® nella mia attività clinica quotidiana, non solo nel trattare atleti ma anche per risolvere i molti problemi fisici di pazienti anziani o di lavoratori in cerca di soluzioni non chirurgiche. ART® è un ottimo strumento terapeutico sia se usato da solo sia in associazione al lavoro della chiropratica tradizionale. L’eliminazione, o per lo meno la riduzione, delle aderenze fasciali permette ai muscoli di tornare a scorrere adeguatamente, mentre l’utilizzo delle mani permette all’operatore una enorme sensibilità sia diagnostica che terapeutica.



Rich Knight
London – UK

If your looking for an easy course where you just turn up and get a certificate then do not even bother. If however your passionate about your profession ready to work hard and put in the extra hours to bring your clients the very best in soft tissue training then get involved. This is an awesome technique and its made even better because of the instructor team!



Thi Hien Nguyen

“I travelled from Germany for the first Fully Body Recertification in Moss, Norway. As a busy gym owner it’s challenging to take time off work, but I can say I am glad I did. Location, accessibility and lastly the learning experience of this course was incredible! I can highly recommend any ART practitioner to attend the Fully Body Recertification in Europe.”



Helen Liljenberg
DC, Stockholm – Sweden

I started my ART certification journey in 2006 and attended several of them. I opened my own clinic 2012 and after settling in I decided to attend an ART certification in Moss, Norway to brush up on technique. I found a great teacher in Nicolai Van Der Lagen and have since then attended another certification, Complex protocols. I found this course very helpful in my practice, that now I have a lot of extra protocols which are so much more effective and produces fast results.

Instructor Nicolai Van Der Lagen has been very instrumental in my ART technique development. I have also consulted him via Skype and find his help extremely helpful and beneficial to my practice. Thank you Nicolai for your help and support. I appreciate your help and recommend your services to anyone interested in reaching the highest level.



Wayne Diesel
Former Head of Medical Services in Premier League

ART challenges you as a practitioner to have exceptional knowledge of functional anatomy. It allows more specificity which I have found particularly useful with spinal issues, being able to target individual multifidi. I would recommend ART for its ability to treat specific tissues as part of your regular treatment regimen, this can at times reduce overall treatment times. In an elite sports environment, having several therapists all trained in ART is a tremendous help in providing continuity of treatment.



Heikki Sanelma
Physiotherapist, Fysio Heikki – Suomen Terveystalo Tampere

As a Full Body Certified Active Release Techniques provider I’m well equipped to handle large variety of locomotor system disorders. My patients enjoy the treatments as they see the benefits and effects in every single session from increase of ROM in a joint or decreased discomfort and pain symptoms. ART® gives me the tools for specific examinations and treatment in the area of human soft tissues, whether the lesion is located in deeper or superficial structures. This gives me great results in clinical work. I can easily recommend ART® courses to anyone working closely with locomotor system disorders. I use it with all patients, from postoperative orthopedic physiotherapy to patients with soft tissue overuse issues from work or sports.



Bas Diederen
Professional Triathlete

Being a professional triathlete is a hard lifestyle. Your body needs to be in perfect condition to handle the hours of training and racing. Injuries are common among triathletes and cost valuable training time. Thanks to european ART guru Sander Daams we have kept my body injury free. I say ‘we’ because in my opinion an elite athlete can not reach his or her full physical potential, without a professional to keep the muscles and joints in perfect health. During a period of training you can clearly notice the effect that ART has your your body. Personally my calve muscles can be tense before a ART session, but afterward the tension is gone and the muscles feel ready to run. I would recommend Active Release Techniques treatments not just for athletes. Even people with sedentary lifestyles can benefit from a body that just moves better.



Camilla Richardsson
Professional Triathlete

ART är en teknik som hjälper att behandla problem orsakade av mjukvävnad (muskler, ligament, bindväv senor etc.) En ART behandling består inte bara av behandling utan även en undersökning, där man tar reda på grunden till skadan.

Efter att jag själv haft problem med vristen till och från i drygt ett års tid, åkte jag på en ART behandling som utfördes av Nicolai van der Lagen. Före detta hade jag varit och kollat upp vristen till många, och det var ingen som kunde hitta grunden till mitt problem. Men min behandling tog ca. 30min och efter det fick jag även ett par övningar som skulle göras. Efter den här behandlinge har jag inte känt av någon skada i vristen överhuvudtaget! Dessutom fick jag veta grunden till mitt probelm vilket innebär att jag kan motverka att skadan kommer tillbaka. Jag har nu varit permanent skadefri sedan dess.



Mark Coles
Strength Coach and Fat Loss Specialist

I approached Heather following an injury where I prolapsed a disk at L5, S1. I had originally been to see a specialist who suggested that I went in for an operation but I did not want to go down that route. Having met Heather at various courses and being aware of her outstanding work, I knew I needed to get in touch. I travelled down to London to have my first session of ART treatment with her and almost immediately I had relief from pain that had been crippling me for 4 weeks.

Heather reassured me that I was ok to start doing my rehab work in the gym and wrote an 8 week rehab program for me to follow. Very quickly my flexibility and strength started to come back and I was able to do day to day tasks that I took for granted so much easier and pain free. As a result of the work that Heather did, not only did I make a full recovery but I have recently beaten my personal best in the front squat. Being able to lift heavy again is the best, especially when the specialist doctor said I’d never do it again.

Heather played a huge part in my recovery process and I cannot thank her enough for her knowledge, support and skill.



Bas Diederen
Professional Triathlete

Being an elite athlete my body needs to be in peak condition all the time. ART combined with massage is crutial to keeping me loose supple and ready to perform to my best. Thanks to Paul’s treatment, my body is always in peak condition.



Hedda Berntsen
Professional Skier

ART was my solution. It gave me the opportunity to race again. I actually got the silver medal in X-games US in my come-back. Thanks to the ART treatment given by Nicolai van der Lagen.



Pacho Ayaso Monteagudo
Therapist in Barcelona

I wanted to thank you for the treatment session we had last week at your clinic. After breaking a bone in my wrist 20 years ago I thought nothing could be done to fix it, but after your treatment it has gained a lot of mobility. I am doing the exercises you taught me and they are very helpful too. Also my shoulder is feeling better and I can do pull ups without restricctions. I don’t know of nobody who could have done this in Spain, so I might have to come back to Moss to have another ‘magic’ session!



Fanny Ronkainen
Personal Trainer

I want to give a big thanks to Nicolai van der Lagen for releasing my pain. If you live near Oslo/Moss in Norway I can highly recommend ART Klinikken in Moss for their fantastic service and knowledge! Remember, Don’t settle with pain!



Leigh BrandonLeigh
Therapist in UK

Over the last four days, I took the ‘Spine’ module in Active Release Technique® at their European head quarters in Moss, Norway. The whole trip was a great experience. Not only did I get my head stuffed with loads of great knowledge and techniques, but I also managed to see a very beautiful part of the world and meet some great people. There were students from Norway, Sweden, Canada, USA, Northern Ireland and a couple of English guys (including me). I am now really looking forward to using my newly learned skills on my clients to enable them to reduce pain and move more effectively.

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Written by Nicolai van der Lagen

Manager and Lead Instructor - Active Release Techniques® Europe Manager - Helsehuset Moss AS ART practitioner - ART Klinikken AS
Website: http://www.activerelease.com/europe