Thumbs Up Leicester Tigers and ART®


About 10 months ago the medical staff from Leicester Tigers and ART® Europe signed a 3 year contract for hosting ART® courses and to be trained in this soft tissue method. Our first collaboration went really professional and all participants were very pleased with the course. Our next course at Leicester Tigers wil be in August 2016. CLICK for more information!

Participants on this course came from all over UK and Europe. Many of the clinicians at the course work full time with pro-athletes and teams. Examples; Rugby, football, cycling, weight lifting, golf and more… Others are more dedicated to the clinical work at an office or in rehab teams. See more pictures from the course HERE!


Our Instructors at the course, Nicole Paine, Sander Daams and Nicolai van der Lagen appreciated the overwhelming feedback and evaluations. Thanks a lot to all for making it such a great course.

You will be able to follow more courses in the UK in 2016:

Everton FC, Liverpool – 18th to 21th of February

Tottenham FC, London

Leicester Tigers - 18th to 21th of August

Everton FC, Liverpool


The Treatment of Choice for Soft Tissue Disorders

“ART® is our soft tissue “tool” of preference in our movement based treatment approach. The whole concept is based on improving movement in a structure (muscle, tendon, fascia, capsule or ligament), and/or improving the gliding potential of a structure vs another or more.” . Learn how to successfully treat soft tissue conditions with Active Release Techniques® by attending our course modules in Europe.

Check out our course overview for 2016 by clicking HERE!


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Written by Nicolai van der Lagen

Manager and Lead Instructor - Active Release Techniques® Europe Manager - Helsehuset Moss AS ART practitioner - ART Klinikken AS