Upper Extremity and LTN Tampere


The Upper Extremity course and the Long tract nerve entrapment course were held at Vasala Sport Institute in Tampere – Finland. This was the 8. time Team Europe held a course in Finland. The group of ART providers is growing in Finland. And what a group of clinicians! Participants on this course were Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Sport Massage therapists.

The Upper Extremity module is by far the most complicated and probably also the most difficult. Participants work together with the Instructors for 4 intensive days. Proper hands on techniques are demonstrated from the fingers to the shoulder during the course.

Our course participants are usually very motivated and eager to learn and develop. This time was not different. Some of the course participants have several years of experience using the technique. The feedback on how they have been able to help patients in a better way, and also how they have helped/solved “lost cases” gives the Instructors motivation for the future in education.

radialandreas ulnarn shoulder

The Long Tract Nerve Entrapment course is a one day course for our Full Body Certified provider. Course practitioners learn how to identify and specifically treat our long tract for various conditions. Our long peripheral tracts (Median nerve, Ulnar nerve, Radial nerve, Sciatic nerve and Femoral nerve) are covered and participants hold their tongue straight when performing the techniques.  It is easy and complicated at the same time.

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Written by Nicolai van der Lagen

Manager and Lead Instructor - Active Release Techniques® Europe Manager - Helsehuset Moss AS ART practitioner - ART Klinikken AS
Website: http://www.activerelease.com/europe