Lower Extremity course in Finland May 2014

Having been treated with ART® a few years ago and realising how effective it was made my mind up for a career change! I decided to do ART® Upper last year which was hard work but very rewarding at the end and the instructors Shane and Heather were awesome! I enjoyed it so much that I wanted achieve full body cert as soon as I could. Sadly there were no courses in the UK for lower body so took the plunge and travelled to Finland. This was a great decision! I got to meet like minded individuals from another part of Europe, look at some good scenery and also get taught by Nicolai and Katrin who were outstanding instructors. Im now looking forward to Spine in December hopefully with all the instructors mentioned above! If your looking for an easy course where you just turn up and get a certificate then do not even bother. If however your passionate about your profession ready to work hard and put in the extra hours to bring your clients the very best in soft tissue training then get involved. This is an awesome technique and its made even better because of the instructor team!

Rich Knight – London, UK

Just got back from the ART lower extremity in Finland yesterday! The course and instructors completely exceeded all my expectations! I was able to take the knowledge I learned and put it into action in the clinic today, and can already see how it is going to make such a difference for my patient care in the future! Can’t wait to do the next one!

Aimee Carroll – Ireland

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Written by Nicolai van der Lagen

Manager and Lead Instructor - Active Release Techniques® Europe Manager - Helsehuset Moss AS ART practitioner - ART Klinikken AS
Website: http://www.activerelease.com/europe